Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - January 24, 2019


Wall Street agrees we are in a ‘late cycle’ economy – what does this mean and how to invest in it?; America’s most expensive home sells for $238 million to hedge fund boss; Hulu drops price of its most popular streaming service to $5.99/mo; Apple cuts > 200 jobs from autonomous car unit; Brandless introduces new…brands (and new price point); Super rich Americans–younger and multiplying?; The two new breeds set to debut at Westminster dog show; An investor who’s been called ‘the next Warren Buffett’; A treehouse-style hotel in the Costa Rica rainforest that’s been voted “Best in the World” by TripAdvisor; Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream flavors w/cookie dough cores (!); Amazon’s “Scout” (new delivery robot); Peeps cereal.


Health-tracking AirPods – debuting first half 2019?; Study finds daily fried chicken serving linked to 13% higher risk of death; ‘Super milk‘ (extra fatty, creamy, more protein) coming for your cappuccino; Fruit – healthy despite all the sugar?; How Dick Van Dyke, Betty White, and Carl Reiner stay vital in their 90s; What we do and don’t know about gut health; A doctor’s office designed to calm your nerves; The most-booked wellness experiences on Airbnb this year; Best instant oatmeal cups; Trader Joe’s vegan sunflower seed butter cups.


Can CBD improve your athletic performance?; Halo Top announces three brand new flavors, brings back limited edition favorites (PB&J now permanent!); Chris Hemsworth launches health and fitness app (Centr); J.Lo and A-Rod discover cutting sugar and carbs is actually…hard; “Healthy” snacks like cauliflower puffs, legume chips, chickbean crisps – actually healthy or just addictive?; The entrepreneur challenging category leader Bulletproof w/her keto creamer startup.

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