Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - January 28, 2019


Facebook plans to merge its messaging services, ignites further antitrust issues…Time to Un-Friend for the umpteenth time?!; Earnings season gets a lot more interesting this week (lots of reporting); IRS starts accepting tax returns today; Glass tops box office second week in row; Future Apple products – could detect poisonous gases?; Pepsi’s first-ever “nitro soda”; Forever stamps – now 55 cents; Krispy Kreme’s Conversation Donuts.


Stop kissing/snuggling your pet…hedgehog? CDC links multi-state salmonella outbreak to these ‘pets’?; FDA warns of common blood pressure medicine shortage due to recalls; Washington under state of emergency as measles cases rise; Scooters – next public health issue?; Why record number of college students seeking mental health treatment; How weighted blankets became so popular; What you need to know before you commit to fitness wellness retreat; McDonald’s Sweden’s first vegan Happy Meal; Taste Test: Polar Seltzer’s Valentine’s Day flavors.


Romance reigns at SAG Awards w/Best-Dressed stars Lady Gaga (in Dior Couture), Yara Shahidi, Alison Brie; Under Armour designing spacesuits for Richard Branson-backed space-tourism company; Louis Vuitton entering into gaming arena w/release of $2400 Jenga set; Neon green (and yellow) taking fashion world by storm; Jo Malone’s new spring collection – inspired by weeds?; The difference between a $12 moisturizer and a $325 moisturizer; A primer on fillers; Chanel’s new beauty atelier.


Are we falling back in love with…carbohydrates?; Qantas customers requesting exercise bikes (among other things) for 20-hour flights; Many kids now getting fatty liver disease; “Athleisure makeup” – total joke or what?; Why reverse planks should be part of your routine; What you can learn about sticking to your goals from someone who lost > 300 pounds; The hidden pitfalls of popular diets you just resolved to follow; A new twist on the Burpee that will get you fitter, faster.

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