Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - January 29, 2019


Flying today? Maybe not! More than 1000 flights cancelled or delayed as snow storm threatens much of U.S.; Apple rushes to fix FaceTime ‘eavesdropping’ bug; PG&E files for bankruptcy protection in face of large wildfire liabilities; Investing app Acorns now has higher valuation than robo giant Betterment?; Why private residence clubs are becoming popular alternative to vacation homes; How to know what you’re getting when you buy pet insurance; Everything coming to Netflix in Feburary–and what’s leaving.


Dry January just the beginning? Alcohol-free cocktails here to stay, poised for big 2019!; Neurologists warn against brain-boosting supplements claiming to improve memory; Study finds working moms 40% more stressed than working women w/out kids; CBD suppositories Рnext marijuana product craze?; What flying is like for person w/a severe food allergy; How to do the trendy ayurvedic cleanse people are obsessed with; The $1,000 price tag for rare durian fruit.


Is the Pill sabotaging your fitness goals?; Whole Foods launches tool for keto, paleo, dairy-free dieters; Study finds popular fitness trackers may ‘overestimate’ calorie burning [surprise, surprise]; Two of the best-reviewed and best-priced scales (under $20) on Amazon; A sneaker you can wear from the office to the gym; The funny Twitter thread mocking the Peloton lifestyle.

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