Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - January 30, 2019


Facebook (‘Digital Age’s Enron‘?) shuts down controversial pay-for-data iOS app; Apple hints at lower iPhone prices as sales fall (problems, problems, problems); Trader Joe’s kills its grocery delivery program; Most keyless cars – easy to steal?; Experts throwing cold water on ‘housing collapse’; Razer selling pink gaming laptop in time for Valentine’s Day; What we know about that $53,500 bottle of Macallan that just hit the market; How to turn off FaceTime; The new “Amazon for Billionaires”; A ranking of the best frozen pepperoni pizzas.


Cure for cancer? Israeli scientists claim to be on brink of development; Genetics study shows early risers ‘less likely to develop mental health problems’; Casper debuts the Glow, a portable lamp that lulls you to sleep?; What extreme cold does to your body; A ranking of hard liquor from “healthiest” (Tequila and Mezcal) to “sorta healthy” (Brandy, Gin) to “NO” (Long Island Iced Tea); An avocado as heavy as a newborn baby.


People are injecting blood into their scalps for hair loss – and it works?; Buzzy skincare brand Drunk Elephant exploring possibility of a sale; Amazon developing virtual changing room app; Versace collaboration with Ford…the auto maker??; The best scents to wear if you want to smell like a chic…fireplace; A new survey showing bullying still alive and well in fashion industry; Ulta’s nail polish remover cream.


Equinox opens new kind of gym, just for runners; Walmart brings Fanatics to its website to sell pro sports licensed gear; Kohl’s teams up w/Weight Watchers to test wellness initiatives?; Why gym clothes smell so rank–and how to freshen them up; How to stop fitness trends from ruining your body; The best exercise for your age; A super-skinny Celine Dion.

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