Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - January 31, 2019


How now, Dow?; Market likes Fed’s ‘patient’ stance on rates, and w/Facebook’s blowout quarter, a sea of green for stocks…; United announces commitment to a “new standard of caring” for customers; Apple Music takes flight on American Airlines; eBay rolls out first-ever dividend; Super Bowl Sunday – a hotbed for hackers?; How to drive safely in cold weather as polar vortex blankets U.S.; What you need to know as you do your taxes for 2018 [Hi, Jeanie!]; Why White Castle has become a Valentine’s Day dinner destination; Apple vs. Facebook (privacy fight); Gold–$1500?!


An allergy to cold weather – rare, but real…and can be deadly!; Walgreens, CVS testing teeth straightening, cleanings in some stores; Patients becoming “leery” of all the blood pressure drug recalls; Cathay Pacific adding yoga and meditation to your travel plans; ‘Thunder therapy’ – to beat anxiety?; The Bulletproof founder’s crazy (and $$) quest to live to 180; A new line of ‘hemp-style’ alcohol beverages called Hemptails; Another knock against fruit juices; Almond Emoji Petition.


Canada Goose jackets have become status symbol—and prime target for robberies?!; Kate Spade’s husband and daughter move west..niece Rachel Brosnahan becomes face of Frances Valentine; Justin Bieber drops first official streetwear collection (Drew House–reference to his middle name); Zara’s new logo–confusing?; TheRealReal accusing Chanel of trying to destroy resale market; LVMH crediting Louis Vuitton for its exceptional performance [$$ Bernard Arnault closing in on Warren Buffett $$]; John Legend’s dad ‘remixing’ hat industry w/his brand Popz Topz.


The South Beach diet makes return w/a version of keto that’s way easier to follow; Tom Brady launches TB12 plant-based protein powder; Emerald spirulina – the superfood powder to speed your weight loss?; Puma releasing self-lacing smart shoes to take on Nike; Chuck Norris hosting 5K where everyone is to dress up as…Chuck Norris; The best exercises for your butt; An unrecognizable Kathy Bates (down 60 pounds); A binge-worthy Cheetos sandwich from KFC.

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