Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - February 19, 2019


FAA investigating Southwest over baggage weight data; More workers quitting jobs for flexibility; Millennials resuscitating prenups; SUVs becoming more affordable (too much inventory); Heli-skiing having a…moment; WeWork going to start tracking employees as they go about their work days?; A look inside the Seattle house where Jeff Bezos started Amazon (now on market for $1.5); The reignited fascination w/restaurant matchbooksSalt-flavored vodka; Shamrock Shakes.


Can you eat your way to better mental health? Study says YES; Big pharma partnering w/influencers to sell new drugs and medical devices; Airports helping travelers on the go get some nap time; ‘Zombie deer’ disease – likely spread to humans?; Startling insights into Elizabeth Holmes from psychiatrist who’s known her since childhood; The devastating allure of medical miracles.


Italian fashion house Fendi expanding into lifestyle category w/ luxury residences out west (first stop: Scottsdale, Arizona); Luxury online retailers adding more in-person services (“curated shopping experiences,” invitation-only events, etc.); Sephora looking for beauty influencers to do some promo-ing; Baguette engagement rings having a…moment; Lashes – the new brows?; Inside the $100,000 Oscars gift bag of 2019.


How many push-ups can you do, John? Will? Burke? Study finds men who can do 40 have lower risk of heart disease; Research suggests interval training burns off more pounds than jogging or cycling; Lightsaber dueling now an official sport in France; How to work out in any hotel room; Why you should be wary of body fat tests; The first cruise line dedicated to active, athletic, healthy lifestyles (new niche they’re calling “Active Lifestyle Cruising”); A Q&A w/Micheal Bolton on how he stays fit; Hip dips: why you get them and why they’re here to stay.

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