Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 14, 2019


Did you enjoy the time off from social media as much as we did yesterday? Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp restored after one of longest outages in Facebook history; Airlines cancel flights, waive fees after FAA grounds Boeing 737 Max planes; Elon Musk unveils new Tesla SUV for masses today; Next big thing to hit snack aisle could be…marijuana?; Ed Sheeran opening bar, restaurant, and music venue in London; Martha Stewart’s daughter selling Manhattan triplex for $53 million; Britney Spears’ music heading to Broadway; Why March’s ‘quadruple witching’ puts stock markets in danger of late-month swoon; How to plan ‘fire and ice’ vacation (two different climates, latest travel trend); Where to find cheap pizza and pie for Pi Day (3/14- π); The fallout from the college admissions scandal…


Early birds have more sex, make more money, and sleep better than night owls?; New study offering hope for alternative cholesterol-lowering drug (good news for those who can’t tolerate statins); Vegan chain Veggie Grill debuting on-campus at colleges nationwide; Gummy vitamins – work same as ordinary supplements?; Why adaptogens’ benefits making them new stars of wellness world; What we know thus far about Haven, the Amazon joint venture to revamp health care; The woman who built NYC’s top gluten-free bakery chain and won over Whole Foods; A blood-sugar-balancing tea you’ve probably never heard of.


Can Project Runway make it work w/out Tim Gunn? Season 17 debuts tonight on Bravo; Olivia Jade, Lori Loughlin’s daughter, stands to lose lucrative brand deals over college admissions scandal (shoppers already calling for Sephora to cut ties w/her); The Devil Wears Prada names director as it readies for Broadway musical; Amazon launches beauty line founded by Latvian models; The big bet luxury retailers are making on Hudson Yards [Hello, Neiman Marcus!]; A designated mini-“skincare fridge” that you apparently must have??? #hmmm


Can a ‘fertility diet’ really help you conceive? In some cases, yes; Two new studies support idea that exercise can be considered medicine…and a potent medicine at that (as effective at lowering blood pressure and reducing visceral body fat as many common prescription drugs); Beer diet – appears to be working for the Ohio man who gave up food for Lent?; The 10-year old skateboarder hoping to make history at Toyko; A review of workout clothes you ‘don’t have to wash.’

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