Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 19, 2019


Apple unveils new iPad Air and iPad mini ahead of rumored streaming service; Starbucks changes rewards program to be more like Sephora’s; MySpace apologizes after losing 12 years’ worth of music; Malt, an old-school flavor in ice cream and candy – latest coffee trend?; Warner Bros Chairman and CEO stepping down following sexual misconduct allegations; Gas prices starting to surge across country; Sarah Jessica Parker releasing wine collection; Facebook execs – fleeing…and exodus could be contagious?; Wynn Resorts’ big bet in Boston; Cold Stone Creamery’s spring-inspired flavors; Reese’s Puffs Bunnies cereal.


Are you more likely to get sick when the seasons change, Hew? Jon? Here’s what the experts say; Harvard researchers reiterate just how bad sugary soda and sports drinks really are; Elon Musk-backed company launches website to poke fun at DNA testing; Coca-Cola – may have billion-dollar brand in cold-pressed juice favorite Suja Life?; A menstrual cycle-tracking app designed to empower women; The two vital vitamins the > 50 crowd might not be getting enough of.


‘Retail apocalypse’? What ‘retail apocalypse’? Ulta and Sephora keep defying it…; Victoria’s Secret hypes official return of its swimwear line after three-year hiatus; Anthropologie launches its first plus-size line; What the connection is between your skin and mental health; Why the black turtleneck (and dark eye makeup) was so important to Elizabeth Holmes’s image; Hilton – recycling used bars of hotel soap?; Hunter’s new pink metallic rain boots; Louis Vuitton’s $10,000 statement backpack.


Fitness influencer accused of scamming followers a few weeks ago apparently still scamming, yet career still booming?; Mark Wahlberg invests in Australian fitness company and gym chain F45; Weight Watchers launches new voice app to build/strengthen customer relationships; Under Armour fills top design post to help w/its return to roots (performance); Huami (?) – a better wearables stock than Fitbit? Eh?; The 11-year old soccer prodigy dribbling on a treadmill.

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