Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 21, 2019


Didn’t win Powerball 🙁 … Jackpot grows to $625 million for Saturday drawing; Fed holds rates steady, says no more hikes ahead this year (growth fears); Amazon releases sub-$100 Kindle you can read in dark; Crash tests slam some popular pickup trucks; Gourmet PB&J of the Month Club?; Tourists flocking to locations threatened by climate change; Martha Stewart expanding brand into new markets; Workplace tracking growing…fast; Starbucks modernizing stores; Costco selling giant 3-pound lobster claws?; Why Netflix digging deeper into interactive storytelling; How secure those automated visitor check-in kiosks really are; The California dad who used Facebook stock to bribe his daughter’s way into UCLA; A threatrical ice cream man chopping his way into internet stardom.


Popular vegan YouTuber digging out from under after she gets caught eating…fish; Coca-Cola latching onto America’s flavored seltzer obsession w/sparkling Smartwater; Ready-to-drink oat milk lattes coming to grocery store near you; CVS now selling CBD products in buncha states; Brandless expanding into wellness; Apple cider vinegar…baths?; Fiber: the “superfood” 95% of Americans aren’t getting enough of.


Levi Strauss IPO seeing high demand – more than 10 times oversubscribed?! Selling shares $17 apiece for valuation of about $6.6 billion; Instagram vanity driving number Brazilian butt lifts to record high; Resale market becoming bigger than fast fashion; ‘Needle’ face creams and patches – newest skin-care trend?; The savvy teens who are turning their sneaker obsessions into cash (and lots of it).


Could you run a marathon in your 80s?; Study claiming ‘gymtimidation’ preventing as many as one in two Americans from working out at gym; Weight Watchers trying to avoid becoming next Kodak; More upside, Lululemon shares?; How Barry’s Bootcamp is revolutionizing fitness w/its new talent management platform; Why lifting weights can be so potent for aging well; The rise of virtual fitness squads; A new world record for planking [38 minutes!!!!].

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