Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 28, 2019


Want to sell your home? Hurry up and list it next week!; Boeing unveils 737 Max fixes, says planes are safer; Equifax, FICO team up to sell consumer data; JetBlue’s cabin restyling project finally gains speed; Lyft raises price target for its IPO [Investor FOMO]; Casper joins unicorn club w/latest funding; Florida apartments in country clubs – yours for $1?; Why gig economy hasn’t killed traditional work; How e-books are ruining parent-child bonding time; The most popular Airbnb in world – California mushroom dome?; A winning ticket for last night’s Powerball jackpot…


FDA proposes changes to mammography standards for first time in > 20 years; Walgreen jumps on CBD bandwagon (creams, patches, sprays in nearly 1,500 stores, select states); Investors – starting to bet big on psychedelic medicine?; Why you’re going to hear more about being “sober curious”; How to take control of your happiness; A review of popular plant-based meal-delivery service, Daily Harvest; The $110 baby swaddle–for adultszzzzz; Sonic’s Red Bull Slush.


Olivia Jade reportedly at risk of losing her beauty trademarks because of bad punctuation?; Pre-owned wedding dresses growing in popularity as brides support sustainability; Chanel emerging as coveted name in menswear; Barneys downsizing signature Madison Avenue store; Bakuchiol – new kid on skincare block?; Chunky ‘grandma’ heels; Birkenstock neon slides.


Can doing yoga really give you a stroke?; New study suggests women may be less likely to lose weight on keto than men; Lululemon’s success (great #s yesterday) signals that athleisure trend has no signs fading out just yet; Breakdancing may soon become an Olympic sport; Fatburger is now…Skinnyburger?; A couple of new low-cal ice cream flavors inspired by popular midnight snacks [Like!]; The 25 best bike rides in the world [Love!].

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