Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 1, 2019


Stocks open to best quarter in nearly decade, best start to year since 1998…‘Fear of missing out’ pushing us to buy more?; Online child-care marketplace pulls nearly 47,000 daycare listings following WSJ investigation; Olive Garden super-sizes its menu – foot-long chicken parm, anyone?; What you can do right now to stop robocalls; Why placeholder engagement rings are on rise [keychains work, too]; The deadly mistaken Uber ride; Takeaways from Duke’s season-ending loss to Michigan State.


Struggling fashion group Roberto Cavalli seeking deal w/creditors, shutting down all North American operations; Saks Fifth Avenue chief looking to lure shoppers w/“the new luxury”; Olivia Jade not speaking to parents; Forever 21’s new USPS capsule collection – fast fashion at its worst?; The trial we’re obsessed with that’s been turned into a catwalk [Yup, “Soho Grifter” Anna Sorokin]; Jimmy Choo’s diamond sneakers.


Health giant Technogym joins fitness streaming trend w/live digital platform; American rock climber pulls off biggest free solo of the year [not Alex Honnold]; Blood flow restriction training – next big fitness trend?; The Planet Fitness worker being called a hero for saving life of gym member after he collapsed during workout; A booming fitness business for brothers involved in Jussie Smollett scandal.

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