Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 2, 2019


How to kill a unicorn…hmmm, maybe go public?! Lyft falls below IPO price on second day of trading–bad sign for others (Uber!) on same ride?; Kellogg sells Keebler, Famous Amos, other brands to get out of cookies; Whole Foods cuts prices as Amazon extends imprint on chain; Spring flights to Europe – cheapest in three years (average RT fares just $637)?!; Americans feeling more confident about saving for retirement; Gmail rolling out new features (scheduled send, suggested subject line, etc.); StayTony – safer and more upscale alternative to Airbnb?; The man who built a $64-million chateau in South of France that he now has to tear down; A new tool that lets you map the cheapest flights from any city; An island resort you can have all to yourself ($100,000/night, Jon); Peanut butter-flavored whiskey; Gin & Tonic popsicles; Dollaritas.


James Corden: why can’t fat people land romantic roles…fall in love, have sex on screen?; Chrissy Teigen says 20-pound weight gain is her ‘new normal’ and she’s embracing it; ‘Love hormone’ (?) – might help w/weight loss?; A new link between mom-to-be’s diet, child’s ADHD; An app that warns you when you’re about to blow your diet; The best hotel gyms in the world.

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