Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 3, 2019


Actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman appear in federal court today to face college admissions charges; Real estate website Zillow expands into mortgage business; Walmart partners w/Google for voice-assisted grocery shopping; Theranos whistleblowers launch tech ethics venture; Amazon > $2000?; More financial advisors turning to insurance products to boost fixed income for clients; Nothing going right for Walgreens (Dow’s worst of 2019 so far); Netflix prices going…up; Louvre sleepover w/Airbnb?; The best Game of Thrones gifts because the final season is coming; A reminder that Whole Foods slashing prices on hundreds of items starting today; An excellent time to refinance – now; Bitcoin’s mystery buyer.


‘Caulilini’????? New vegetable – from same company that created broccolini – heading to produce section; Nestle launching plant-based burger; Hangover-free, synthetic alcohol – on market in a few years?; What science says about effects of meditation; How to cook quinoa that actually tastes good; A Sex And The City featuring women in their 60s – coming soon; A Hollywood sendoff for Luke Perry – set for mid-month; Goop knockoff – just launched (and by a Kardashian, no less).


Does your skin need drone technology?? You know, to get those active ingredients deep w/in your skin…to the cells that need them most??; Jennie Garth fires back at social media trolls who accuse her of having too much plastic surgery; Bain buys majority stake of beauty firm that manufacturers Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty; Farfetch stock – a buy after its 50% rally?; How becoming a mother pushed Diane von Furstenberg to launch her iconic fashion brand; Why female basketball coaches wear heels; An app that puts A-list celebrity stylists to work for you; The perfect bow ties to top off your Kentucky Derby look.


Céline Dion finally shares the reason for her dramatic weight loss, and the reason is…ballet?; Lululemon designs hydration vest for long-distance runners; What top Peloton instructor drinks to feel ‘energized’ (including 17-ingredient ‘monster smoothie’); Why some people put on weight when they become more active; Carrie Underwood’s makeup-free gym selfie; Keto-friendly Ranch dressings.

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