Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 4, 2019


Researchers find > 540 million Facebook user records on exposed servers?!; Verizon introduces first smartphone plan designed for children; Patagonia strips tech workers of favorite uniform (the power logo vest); Ikea expands furniture rentals to 30 countries; Charmin’s ‘Forever’ toilet paper rolls – last an entire month?; Fertility services becoming hottest, new employee benefit; Home Depot selling $39 cherry blossom trees; Who the heck is sleeping in all those hotel bunk beds; Why the island of Bermuda is going…crypto; A closer look at how boy bands of the 90s were scammed by a trusted figure (new documentary “The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story”); The best mattresses online (Consumer Reports); Franzia’s “Little Franz” mini-boxed wines; National Burrito Day.


Celtuce – going to de-throne kale as the Queen of All Greens?; FDA investigating possible link between vaping and seizures; Britney Spears ‘taking a break’…working things out in mental health facility; How getting rid of debt may actually make your brain work better; Why growing old is better w/a pet; Vegans – may outlive us all?; The healing spice Dr. Sanjay Gupta swears by…and his secret to happiness; A doctor who is using oysters to treat patients w/anxiety and depression; Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Cookie Dough Chunks.


Beauty influencer says $2.5 million worth of makeup has been…stolen???; Céline Dion lands first major beauty deal as spokeswoman for L’Oréal Paris; Fake heiress Anna Sorokin has yet another fashion meltdown in court; Louis Vuitton’s iconic luggage gets cool makeover; Crazy wraparound sunglasses – going to take over your entire summer?; A high-fashion influencer who only features Amazon purchases on her Instagram account (@Colette.Prime); The “hair wellness” startup taking on Rogaine.


English hotel launches outdoor yoga w/lemurs (?) to help people de-stress??; Global study finds bad diets responsible for more deaths than smoking (11 million/year); Research shows that exercise makes you happier than money; Nike ramps up loyalty program; Why everyone obsessed w/310 meal replacement shakes; How to use exercise to help manage your anxiety [Call me for insights on this one, Annie!]; Optavia diet – ever heard of it?; The heart of a swimmer vs. heart of a runner; A test and rating of the best smart gym tech: Peloton, ClassPass and Mirror; Costco’s 100-calorie Vodka Pops.

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