Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 9, 2019


Felicity Huffman, 12 other parents plead guilty in college admissions scam…what say you, Lori Loughlin?; Influencers flocking to surprising new kind of social media; Chuck E. Cheese’s parent company going public – again; Shoppers scooping up flowers and salads at…convenience stores; GE stock – poised to crash more than 50%??!; Why much of the country is headed for $4 gas; Who will get rich from Pinterest’s IPO; Where teenagers like to shop; Free Cone Day, Ben & Jerry’s.


Burger King’s meatless ‘Impossible’ Whopper – any healthier than original beef?; Immunotherapy tablets catch on as alternative to allergy shots; Experts reveal “right way” to…nap; Health care – one of Apple’s most lucrative opportunities?; The dangers of dieting like a wellness influencer; A review of Hungryroot’s plant-based meal delivery service; Billionaire Jack Dorsey’s 11 wellness hacks–from no food all weekend to ice baths.


What’s in your perfume? Actress Michelle Pfeiffer thinks you should know…is disclosing all ingredients, attesting to their safety w/transparent fragrance brand, Henry Rose; United Airlines now offering exclusive skincare products from celeb favorite Sunday Riley in its premium cabins; H&M testing vintage/second-hand market; YSL’s gas station pop-up during Coachella?; How Gucci’s iconic logo belt became staple in every woman’s closet; Why this spring is all about the rise of the no-buy wardrobe; World’s most expensive men’s underwear.


New study shows dietary supplements don’t extend life, and might actually shorten it if taken at high levels; Latin pop star Pitbull and motivational speaker Tony Robbins team up for new fitness studio; CrossFit co-founder marrying accused murderer…while he’s in a Florida jail…and no pre-nup????; How a ‘cheat day’ on keto may undo benefits and damage blood vessels; Why it’s so important to exercise during pregnancy; The 10 best chain restaurants for cutting carbs; A beginner’s guide to TRX exercises; Aldi’s 100-calorie alcoholic seltzers.

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