Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 17, 2019


Competition? What competition? Netflix brushes off streaming threats from Apple and Disney even as predicts its global subscriber base will grow at slower pace next quarter; Martha Stewart brand sells for discounted $215 million; Book sales for The Hunchback of Notre Dame soar in France; Fake five-star reviews ‘flood’ Amazon; Vasectomy cakes – a thing?; How to check your vacation rental or hotel room for hidden cameras; Why subscription boxes are here to stay; The resurfacing of Tom Brady’s iconic shirtless NFL draft photo; A very lucky dog (found swimming 135 miles off Thailand coast); Effen’s new rosé vodka; Spreadable Gin & Tonic marmalade; Birthday Cake Cool Whip.


Wake up, people! You’re fooling yourself about…sleep?; Rigorous new study of employee wellness programs suggests they may not be all that..effective; Survey shows most Americans consider CBD more of a wellness aid than recreational drug, like marijuana or alcohol; Mushroom coffee – good for you?; How to tell if getting blood clot while flying; What financial wellness looks like at different ages and career stages; Why this CEO pays employees up to $750 to unplug on vacation; Cauliflower Mac & Cheese; Kombrewcha…


Luxury fashion brands pledge $$$$s to help rebuild Notre Dame; Levi’s goes back to 50s w/vintage trucker jacket and 501 jeans; Gucci publishes book of photos featuring famous artists…eating; Champion’s logo – suddenly cool, and suddenly everywhere; Your beard – dirtier than dog fur?; The new ‘selfie-made’ billionaires; A botched microblading procedure that left a woman w/four eyebrows. #WTF


Foot Locker sizing up, bringing much more than sneakers to soon-to-be-open ‘Power Store’ in NYC; Weight loss apps forcing industry to embrace digital alternatives; Running boom – not going anywhere?; Why long-term success on keto can be challenging for some women, according to hormonal experts; How hiking can improve your mental health; The newly-approved weight loss aid that makes your stomach full w/less food; A homeless Olympic cyclist; Allbirds’ new limited-edition sneakers for Earth Day; Splash Swim Goggles (must-have for both kids and adults).

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