Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 8, 2019


Uber, Lyft drivers in > dozen major cities going on two-hour strike today; Samsung cancelling all Galaxy folding phone orders if can’t make fix by end of month; Ellevest’s Sallie Krawcheck says personal finance advice too patronizing (“Buy the f***ing latte”?!); College admissions scandal getting TV show; Target launching its own $5 bottle of sangria; Smart diapers coming to U.S.???; What $50 gets you at best restaurant in country; Why hard seltzer going to be your new summer drink; A floating hotel room in the middle of the Indian Ocean; The marketing genius who just raised $1.6 million for Liquid Death, a canned water start-up.


Beyond Meat–up 240% since its IPO last week, gets first BUY rating as Bernstein sees ‘alternative meat’ industry worth $40 billion in next decade; Study finds severe alcohol-related liver disease on rise, likely due to heavy binge drinking; Nootropics – to boost productivity and focus?; How an oatmeal brand reinvents itself for new generation; What research says about safety of prescription sleeping pills; Why some health enthusiasts are drinking ginger; A rapidly-growing list of plant-based alternatives to some of America’s favorite foods (vegetarian tuna! steak! eggs!); The rise of the death wellness movement.


Whoa – remember the story last week about the Brazilian model who fell off a boat and drowned in a storm? Well, now her husband is being charged w/manslaughter for ignoring bad weather warnings!; Crocs’ earnings show just how far foam clogs have come; Male makeup slowly gains traction in U.S.; Platform sneakers make comeback; Jade roll your body???; Why the expansion of Nordstrom Local is important; How your handbag could be damaging your health; A closer look at how Oakley is leading fast shades trend; An online dating site for ‘Beautiful People’ only…


What’s your exercise personality? You know, do you like dangerous solo bike rides on Route 6 (ha!) or rather go to gym and lift? New research shows your character determines physical activity you chose, and how well you stick with it!; Journey launches its real-time group ‘Peloton for Meditation’; Marijuana users turn to drug for workout fuel??; What maca is, and whether you should add it to your diet; How Lucifer star Tom Ellis got ripped for Season 4; Starbucks’ new Pink Dragon drink…as sugary as it looks?; The definitive ranking of every alt pasta at Trader Joe’s because #carbs…

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