Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 14, 2019


Major victory for Robert Kraft – judge suppresses video in solicitation case; Apple launches first big push into subscription TV; Walmart announces next-day delivery; Booking system outage hits JetBlue; Uber stock plunges…again (prompts memo from CEO to staff); Loyalty programs – ‘a honey pot for hackers’??; Amazon offering to pay employees $10,000 to quit their jobs and deliver packages instead; Starbucks, Nordstrom, Whole Foods, others now accepting bitcoin; Japan testing bullet train that could reach 249 miles per hour; Tiger Woods facing wrongful death lawsuit; The cruise ship w/the first at-sea roller coaster; A new James Bond Aston Martin for $3.5 million – battering rams included.


Beyond Meat rival Impossible Foods raises another $300 million ahead of possible IPO–Serena Williams, Jay-Z, and Katy Perry among slew of celebrity investors now IN; Chick-fil-A starting to ‘imagine’ vegan menu; Vapable vitamins – apparently a thing?; An app that will help you write your will on your terms; A $2 billion verdict against Monsanto; The mental health hazards of city life; Another form of dementia called…LATE.


Rent the Runway’s new Amazon Go-inspired store – make you feel like you’re shoplifting?; Brands tapping sexy Instagram influencers to reach college-age audiences; Amazing Lash Studio looking to dominate beauty’s eye category; Counterfeit beauty – booming, booming, booming; Latest Instagram jewelry craze: bracelets you can’t take off?; Remembering Doris Day, America’s Original Sweetheart.


Kate Hudson flashes post-baby abs seven months after giving birth to daughter, Rani; Study shows how dietary fats enter brain and cause depression; Breakfast cereals – ‘almost zero correlation’ between health claims and nutritional content?; How to burn fat if you can’t exercise; Why your HIIT workouts could cause…bloating; The Mark Cuban-backed franchise that offers 2,000-calorie sandwiches, stuffed w/everything from bacon to french fries; Dad Bod beer.

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