Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 30, 2019


Ride Awakening: Uber going to deactivate riders w/low ratings; Amazon updating Alexa features amid privacy concerns; ‘Airbnb of camping’ bringing glamping to state parks; Tindstagramming – latest dating trend?; How 2019’s mega-IPOs have performed so far; What’s leaving and arriving on Netflix in June; A survey suggesting white wine drinkers are more frugal and extroverted than red; An unusual new perk for the rich and famous ($3,000 home movie rentals??); A zipline off the Eiffel Tower; Everything to know about tornado safety as record-breaking storms batter U.S.


Alex Trebek shares ‘mind boggling’ pancreatic cancer update–says some tumors have shrunk by 50 percent…and that he’s in “near remission”???; New report shows energy drinks may have unintended heart-related health risks; Study finds high doses of vitamin B6 and B12 linked to hip fractures in older women; Brain-boosting supplements – actually work or total B.S.?; What nurses wish they could tell patients, but…can’t; How to cope w/terminally ill parent; A new online sobriety school that will change the way you think about drinking; The self-care trend of 2019 you have to try (Spoiler Alert: magnesium bathing).


Is the influencer bubble bursting? Instagram “star” w/over 2 million followers can’t sell a piddly 36 t-shirts?!; Nike debuts collaborations w/four female designers for 2019 Women’s World Cup; John Lennon’s 70s tracksuit top goes up for sale ($35,000 asking price); Abercrombie & Fitch bets big on smaller stores; How to wear the ‘weird jeans’ you keep seeing all over the internet; Why summer is plastic surgery season; The barely-there sandal brand everyone is talking about; A downer for Goose (Canada, that is….).


10,000 steps/day? Nah. New study says just 4,400 steps enough to boost life expectancy – for women, anyway; The Voice host Carson Daly gets real about his recent weight gain in Twitter post; BMW announces new $895 electric scooter; What you should know about the London launch of SoulCycle; Why Equinox gym membership is worth it; A man who fulfilled his quest to visit all 419 national parks in single journey; The doctor behind Usher’s and Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss; Halo Top Key Lime Pie (limited edition).

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