Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - June 6, 2019


Mega Millions jackpot climbs to $530 million (7th largest in game’s history); Leading indicator for retail showing worst is yet to come; Facebook reportedly announcing cryptocurrency this month, allowing employees to take it as salary; Dating app Bumble planning to open first cafe and wine bar in NYC; Walmart getting rid of its blue vests; Millennials not taking lunch breaks?; The luxury glamping site that comes w/infinity pool and 65-foot yacht; A new cookie cake from Duncan Hines that requires just two minutes in the microwave; Ben & Jerry’s Pucker Upper; Starburst Jell-O.


One year after Kate Spade’s death, her foundation fulfills $1-million mental health pledge; Amazon launches AI-powered ‘Shazam for clothes’ fashion search; Stitch Fix beats on top and bottom lines (Take THAT, all you doubters!); Washing your hair w/champagne – becoming a…thing?; The difference between men’s and women’s resale; A James Bond romper, just for you…


Harvard study finds teenagers can be seriously harmed by dietary supplements–riskiest products tout ability to shrink waistlines, build muscle mass, provide energy boost; Connected bike and treadmill-maker Peloton files for IPO; Endurance athletes actually have metabolic limits?; How doctors can stop stigmatizing – and start helping – kids w/obesity; The relationship between menopause and weight; A workout class that makes you feel like you’re in a video game; An uber-exclusive celebrity-studded gym.

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