Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - July 2, 2019


Holiday heat wave builds across eastern US; Spider-Man swings into theaters nationwide today; Rafael Nadal’s $3 million yacht hits market; Airlines offer waivers for Dominican Republic flights–get yours, Rick Springfield?; Warren Buffett donating $3.6 billion of Berkshire Hathaway stock to five foundations; Microsoft pressing ‘delete’ on customers’ digital bookshelves; Traumedies like Dead to Me having moment; ‘Summer Fridays’ enjoying a boom; Your creepy old Furby–might be worth something now?; The company looking to carve out a market for high-end chilled java ($250/bottle); A $70 gadget to detect spy cameras in your Airbnb or hotel room; Steak & Bourbon…ice cream.


What is necrotizing fasciitis? Flesh-eating bacteria hits Florida, again; Coca-Cola gets green signal to sell energy drink under Monster Beverage contract; Monthly period pain – cramps ability of many women to do their jobs?; How MS has made Selma Blair’s brain ‘glitchy’; What to do (and not) if you find tick on you; The mysterious death of LA pitcher Tyler Skaggs–just 27 years old.


Kim Kardashian – Pop Tart?; Rent the Runway addresses customer service issues (slow shipping times, lousy customer service) as it pretties up for IPO; Gloria Vanderbilt leaves most of her family’s $200 million estate to son Anderson Cooper; Shiseido debuts beauty subscription plan ($92/month); Costco quietly becomes destination for stylish clothes?; Why fashion girls are replacing their leggings w/weekend sets; When to pull the trigger on TheRealReal; A complete guide to all the non-surgical cosmetic procedures people are getting for ‘Instagram Face’.


Hearst Magazines getting into SVOD (subscription video on demand) space w/new fitness app; Halo Top milkshakes heading to Subway (350 calories; 20+ grams protein); Private equity firm TPG buying Crunch Fitness chain; Starbucks’ new Teavana lemonades – healthy or sugar bombs???; A stage by stage breakdown of the official Tour de France route for 2019 (starts in Brussels Sat., July 6); The teenager who beat Venus Williams in Wimbledon first round.

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