Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - July 3, 2019


U.S economy celebrates 10 years of economic growth, and counting!; Pharrell Williams offers internships to 114 Harlem high school graduates; Taco Bell hit by tortilla shortage; Pabst Blue Ribbon debuts hard coffee?; Delta revamping its long-haul economy class; World’s biggest brewer planning year’s biggest IPO; Americans’ financial worries messing w/their summer vacation plans; People paying to play online games that encourage them to save?; Why champagne brands are partnering w/art fairs; What we know about Season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (for you, J&J); How a sleepy Florida town became horse riding capital of the world; A ‘LinkedIn for women‘ platform; The death of auto industry legend, Lee Iacocca.


Researchers say they’re one step closer to finding potential cure for HIV; Meditation app Calm raises $27 million to McConaughey you to sleep; Facebook takes steps to combat ‘miracle cures’ and other misleading health claims; ‘Pear-shaped’ women–healthier than ‘apple-shaped’?; Why attendees of Gwyneth Paltrow’s UK Wellness Summit in London are so angry; How to check for skin cancer with your smartphone; A look inside Surf Lodge Sanctuary, the Hamptons’ new wellness destination; The science of smiles, real and fake.


What is ‘The Beauty Sandwich’ treatment all about? And is this non-toxic alternative to fillers worth the hype?; Serena Williams sports special Nike ‘Broosh’ at Wimbledon; Gucci goes for gold w/move into high-end jewelry; Dressbarn gives landlords ultimatum in bid to stave off bankruptcy; Silver highlights – trending on Pinterest?; How 1,000 shopping sites – from J. Crew to Walmart – deceive us w/”dark patterns”; Why Glamsquad expanding from services into products; A $30 drugstore moisturizer that’s the perfect dupe for La Prairie’s $500+ Skin Caviar; The Prosecco purse that comes w/a six-pack of bubbly.


Sugar substitutes: Is one better or worse for diabetes? For weight loss? An expert explains; Bachelorette hunk Tyler Cameron starts informal jogging club that’s attracting NYC women of all shapes and sizes; Oprah invites 10 Weight Watchers members (and +1s) to her Maui home to celebrate their ‘journey of self-improvement’; Princess Diana’s workout sweatshirt goes up for auction; Chiquita…fitness stickers?; The weird side effects of extreme weight loss; A slimmed-down Rob Gronkowski, post NFL retirement.

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