Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - July 29, 2019


More than 1 in 4 delivery drivers taste the food they’re dropping off?; Fortnite gives away $3 million to its first-ever solo world champion – a 16-year-old from PA; Tropical Storm Erick expected to strengthen into hurricane today; Quentin Tarantino caps his biggest debut ever w/Once Upon A Time in Hollywood; Stock market – in for VIXplosion?; Walmart and Nordstrom building stores that don’t sell anything; Apple’s new credit card launching in August; Costco membership going digital; Millions of grasshoppers invading Las Vegas?; Why Warren Buffett likes Bank of America so much; What to watch on Netflix in August; ‘Baby Shark’ cereal.


Americans still sitting too much??? Yup, more than ever – up to 6.4 hours/day; Beyond Meat, up over 850% since its May IPO, reporting earnings today; Baskin-Robbins adding vegan, non-dairy ice cream flavors to menu (available Thursday); 100m bacteria/day keeps doctor away?; How to tell if your gut health is out of whack; What every person w/thyroid condition needs to know about sleep; The deadly mosquito-borne virus that’s been detected in Florida; A roundup of some of the biggest trends in eye care (and what they could mean for patients and providers alike).


Is shopping for influencers’ clothing on Instagram the new way to buy secondhand?; People obsessing over Liv Tyler’s video showing off her 25-step, $1,715 beauty routine; Armani suffering consequences of its reorganization; Long, fake toenails – “in” this summer??; An online auction for newbie watch collectors (sale starts tomorrow; runs through August 13th); The plastic surgery beauty secrets French women aren’t talking about.


Are you a “zombie eater”?? New poll shows distracted diners who stare at screens tend to eat more calories and choose fattier foods; Lululemon announces its first 10K race in America; Hilaria Baldwin shows off ‘entire leg workout’ fitness routine – from her bathroom; Nike’s Joyride shoes use tiny beads to make your runs more comfortable?; The 22-year old who just became first Colombian to win the Tour de France; A new low-cal, alcohol-free rosé; Fitness retreats worth sweating on your vacation for…

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