Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - August 5, 2019


Can you hear me now? Verizon debuts cheaper unlimited smartphone plans; Hobbs & Shaw finishes first at box office ($60 million+ opening weekend); CVS targets millennials w/Amazon-like membership; No one likes Butterfinger’s new recipe?; More kids aspiring to be YouTube stars; Richard Branson now making his own beer; Warren Buffett sitting on $122 billion in cash–gonna buy something big soon?; The $3 billion mistake Americans are making w/their credit cards; A two-year, $70 million contract extension for Tom Brady; National Oyster Day.


Big alcohol pouring billions into drinkable marijuana market, but does anybody want or like cannabis beverages??; New Alzheimer’s blood test proves 94% accurate in finding brain changes related to disease; Royal Caribbean adds new plant-based menu to its cruise ships; Banana milk officially enters dairy wars; Sesame allergies–more widespread than previously thought?; A new procedure that could delay menopause by 20 years (?!); The best of the best vegan ice creams; Grape soda grapes; ‘Long neck’ avocados.


I do! I do! Heidi Klum marries musician Tom Kaulitz for second time; Original Charlie’s Angels star Jaclyn Smith, now 73 (!), poses for mystery photo shoot; La Mer launches new moisturizer to fight “tech neck” ($295); Vera Wang wears leggings to work — and says you can, too?; The re-release of some of Target’s greatest designer collaborations (including Lilly, Missoni, Hunter); A hack at online sneaker marketplace StockX; Everything you need to know about controversial ‘beauty’ drips.


Jogging – best weapon against ‘obesity genes’?; ‘Fittest Man on Earth’ makes CrossFit history; Jaclyn Hill asks fans to stop commenting on her weight (up 20 in 7 weeks); Mark Ronson takes DJ talents to Soul Cycle; Add MCT oil to your diet?; Why Netflix snuck physical activity tracker onto some phones; What happens to your running performance if you don’t eat enough; A successful bid by French inventor/former world jet ski champion to cross English Channel on jet-powered hoverboard; The horrible paddleboard yoga class accident that claimed life of 48-year old woman.

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