Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - August 8, 2019


New Media + Gannett – deal actually gonna happen?; Robinhood gets approval to launch its popular investing app in UK; CVS slows store expansion plans; Justin Theroux’s new NYC pub – a lame excuse for a dive bar?; Bankruptcy-related job losses rising at rates not seen since 2009; Zillow’s transition to full-service real estate company not going that well; FedEx ending ground deliveries for Amazon; Home Alone reboot coming to Disney–what say you, Macaulay Culkin?; The largest lobster of the year (20-pounder, Mike); An interesting way to fend off seagulls; A host-less Emmy Awards; Reese’s-filled donuts; Fudge Brownies M&Ms


Drinking coffee before bed won’t wreck your sleep but nicotine will?; Subway testing out meatless meatball marinara subs (in partnership w/Beyond); Amazon’s PillPack battling w/CVS and Walgreens over getting patient prescriptions; AriZona Tea maker turning to weed; Wellness shot – really make you healthier?; What dating looks like for the middle-aged (Candace Bushnell back w/new book); Why tattoos can be important part of mental health recovery; The very-early-to-bed, very-early-to-rise routine one in 300 thrives on (including yours truly); A non-toxic lawn care startup looking to take on Roundup.


Let it grow, let it grow! That’s what some bearded men are doing to look fashionable, and it’s taking heavy toll on razor industry; Saks Fifth Avenue opening The Vault, a new space for jewelry shopping; Chanel hoping to convince you to wear black lips and fingertips this fall?; The 19-year old makeup artist making major waves in Hollywood; An entire fragrance line of juice-inspired scents called…Eau de Juice; A Q&A w/global style icon Jane Birkin; Asymmetrical jeans.


Fitbit may not be doomed, but time to give up on stock is near?; Equinox adding in-home equipment and streaming classes to compete w/Peloton; Athleisure finally taking off in Paris; No-cal sweetener monk fruit making its way into cocktails and beer?; Why Lululemon’s new in-store restaurant will succeed, while others will fail; How to drink alcohol on keto; The best low-carb hamburger buns for your end-of-summer cookouts; A ‘ripped grandpa’ Richard (as in Branson)

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