Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - August 14, 2019


On and off, on and off, on and off…After several years of “talks,” CBS and Viacom put a ring on it; Rare James Bond Rolex goes up for auction today; United tightens pre-flight alcohol use policy for pilots; Snapchat announces new $380 sunglasses w/3D cameras; U.S. mortgage debt hits record high; FAA bans some defective MacBook Pro laptops from both carry-on and checked luggage–yours one of them?; Drug tests and background checks becoming less important to employers; Investors rushing into bonds (haven’t been this popular since financial crisis!); Kohl’s partnering w/bunch of emerging brands; An inside look at famed Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance (this weekend); Oreo Maple Syrup cookies (this fall); Coca-Cola Cinnamon soda (this winter); Little Women (Christmas Day).


Daytime naps one of earliest signs of Alzheimer’s?; ‘Wellness’ amenities from in-home yoga instruction to infrared saunas juicing up properties; Vitamins and supplements for cats and dogs becoming big business; More and more men going to spas (Hi, Lynne!); Nightshade vegetables – inflammatory or not?; The health-tech veterans who want to avert next Theranos disaster w/’medical diligence’; A chlamydia vaccine showing signs of success in early trial; Bad News Beers: most unhealthy beers you thought were…healthy.


Nars drops new phallic lipstick ad – brand take it too far?; Allbirds steps into apparel w/sustainable socks; Chanel debuts books that celebrates magic and mastery of its atelier; Ralph Lauren’s collegiate bear appears on sweater for first time ever; Tom Ford wants skin care to be…stimulating?; The fashion designer to the stars who is working out of her mother’s Brooklyn basement; An 84-year-old grandfather who has become highly fashionable Instagram influencer by modeling grandson’s clothing.


Want carbs??? Forever and ever and ever? Olive Garden’s Lifetime Pasta Passes go on sale tomorrow; Weight Watchers rolls out free nutrition and weight-loss app for kids; E-bike riders get more exercise than cyclists?; How to make your fitness tracker count steps more accurately; Why Bob Harper is hosting The Biggest Loser in 2020 (beyond obvious: salary); The nutritional content of White Claw; A super-skinny Anna Faris; Running problems (from blisters to black toenails), solved; Current state of wearables, explained.

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