Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - August 29, 2019


Where’s Dorian? Past Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and on way to Florida’s east coast? Arrive by weekend? Sunday afternoon’ish?; Toy Story poster signed by Steve Jobs hits auction block today (minimum bid: $25,000); Ed Sheeran announces ‘bittersweet’ hiatus from music amid legal woes; Matthew McConaughey joins faculty at University of Texas in Austin; Deaths caused by drivers running red lights at 10-year high???; Homeowners sitting on record amount cash/not tapping it; Gas prices dropping (three-year Labor Day low); 401(k) lawsuits – rising?; The best places to celebrate Labor Day Weekend in U.S. (according to Yelp); A map that will tell you exactly when fall foliage will peak this year; Blueberry muffin…beer; Pasta…straws.


U.S. going to lose its measles elimination status?; Study finds millions still taking daily aspirin despite new guidelines/possible risks; Ben Affleck celebrating one year of sobriety; Plant-based butter – any healthier than real butter?; What Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop really sells to women; How to use plant-based milks in recipes; Why your Apple Watch tells you to breathe all the time; An additional $75 million for Beyond Meat’s pea protein supplier; A new $850 million Las Vegas resort that’s going all in on wellness; The med spa in paradise we want to go to (Canyon Ranch experience in the Maldives).


Le Tote bags Lord & Taylor! For $75 million, this clothing rental company gets L&T’s brand and related intellectual property, 38 stores, digital channels, associated inventory; Direct-to-consumer brands like Allbirds, Glossier, and Rothy’s battling counterfeiters and copycats (BofF); Investors losing confidence in Farfetch (some even pulling out); Forever 21 considering bankruptcy; “Getting-ready” clips are now “going-out” clips?; Lauren Hutton’s beauty secret: ‘a good man’ and ‘never giving up on sex.’


Millennials changing their diets to help environment?; Puma opening massive flagship store in Manhattan today; Halo Top bringing back its Pumpkin Pie ice cream (and launching new dairy-free vegan version, too); Fitbit Versa 2 hitting market in few weeks–going to give Apple Watch run for the money, given its fancy new features?; How to talk to kids about weight; Why F45 is fastest-growing fitness franchise; The quick-drying, odorless, 4-in-1 sneaker brand that’s raised close to $4 million on Kickstarter; An incredibly fit (and newly single) grandma; Latest keto drink at Starbucks.

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