Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - September 3, 2019


Slow-moving Dorian still in Bahamas (parked over Grand Bahama Island), expected to head north later this morning–approach Florida’s east coast tonight, Georgia and South Carolina’s coasts tomorrow night, North Carolina’s coast late Thursday; Airlines cancel thousands of flights for second consecutive day; Accuweather puts Dorian’s total damage and economic loss in $8-$10 billion range (preliminary); Divers search for remaining bodies in California boat fire, investigations begin (press conference later today – 10 am PT).


Holiday weekend is over–got back to work blues? Real…and treatable; Stars paying tribute to Valerie Harper, who died last week at age 80; Alex Trebek done w/chemo, back hosting Jeopardy; Apple getting sleep tracking feature for Apple Watch?; What we know about sugar and gut health; How diabetes can increase cancer risk; The ‘reverse steakhouse’ where vegetables are the stars and meat plays second fiddle; A new vegan butter that tastes surprisingly close to real thing; Kale candy canes.


New York Fashion Week getting hot update this year – Cheetos hosting its first-ever catwalk show during iconic event; Upcoming Kate Spade biography putting nerves on edge; Analysts taking gloomier and gloomier view of Ulta Beauty; What Le Tote’s acquisition of Lord & Taylor could mean for the future of department stores; How to use Rent the Runway Unlimited w/out looking like a clone; The best sneaker apps to download, for any type of sneakerhead; A very detailed guide to every type of manicure.


Suffering some digestive troubles? Time to gut check your diet; Lululemon founder Chip Wilson sees stake in China’s biggest sportswear maker pay off (32% gain in just 3 months); Study finds weight loss surgery lowers risk of heart attack and stroke; A high-tech golf ball that promises to deliver a hole-in-one every time; The compression therapy (NormaTec) elite athletes love; Reed’s Zero Sugar Ginger Beer.

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