Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - September 17, 2019

Consumer/Personal Finance

Streaming wars heat up! Netflix pays over $500 million for worldwide rights to Seinfeld, beating out rival bidders that included Hulu, WarnerMedia, NBCUniversal, and others; New iPhone and Apple Watch orders begin shipping ahead of Friday’s official launch date (strong iPhone 11 demand, FYI); Madonna kicks off new tour today (smaller shows at higher prices); World’s tallest residential building nears completion; Elon Musk – most inspirational leader in tech?; WeWork putting public offering on hold; Amazon disputing WSJ report alleging it ranks in-house products highest; Smartwatches now outselling traditional watches and vinyl records thisclose to outselling compact discs?!; Best chocolate advent calendars; Chocolate Twinkies; Pecan Pie M&Ms.

Health & Wellness

Are you aware that HPV can lead to a variety of cancers? Most American adults don’t know this!; NYC medical examiner says Cars frontman Ric Ocasek died of heart disease, natural causes; Rod Stewart reveals he secretly battled prostate cancer for three years; Why a rare but deadly mosquito-borne virus is hitting Massachusetts so hard; How people are using smartwatches to lose weight and stay healthy; What loading up on Vitamin D does to your bones; The new documentary that says meat will kill you.


Remember Scoop, the go-to shopping destination for practically every celeb in the early 2000s? The high-end boutique officially closed its doors a few years ago, but now brand is relaunching as private label sold exclusively at…Walmart!…And everything will be under $65!; Christie Brinkley’s daughter Sailor stepping into her mother’s dancing shoes, replacing her on this season’s Dancing with the Stars (Last night’s Foxtrot to Billy Joel’s Uptown Girlhere); Padded headbands and square-toe shoes – everywhere..and..everywhere?; A curious case of a spinoff brand (Madewell) outperforming the heritage company that gave birth to it (J. Crew); The German artist accusing Hermès of ripping off his work.


Would you wear CBD-infused activewear to work out?; Music publishers pumping up lawsuit against Peloton ($$$$); Grit Bxng bringing bar..and bitcoin…to boutique fitness space?; What happens to your body when you stop working out for 90 days; Why your waistline increases at menopause; The calories, carbs, and alcohol in America’s best-selling hard seltzers; A $180 water bottle that dispenses supplements and flavors, tracks your hydration, and more…

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