Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - September 23, 2019

Consumer/Personal Finance

WeWork CEO – out?? Like, maybe this week?; Tropical Storm Karen rolls toward Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands; World’s oldest travel firm Thomas Cook collapses, stranding 600,000 travelers around globe; Amazon’s Fleabag (your favorite, Barbie) and HBO’s Game of Thrones win top honors at 71st Emmy Awards; Downton Abbey tops box office ($31 million in ticket sales); London overtakes New York for fintech investment?; Why index funds are smart (and popular) way to invest; How Snapchat became best-performing tech stock in 2019 (up almost 200% this year!); The new Jeopardy! contestant on historic winning streak; A taste test of Pumpkin Spice Spam (available today); An oversaturated celebrity-branded liquor market.

Health & Wellness

CBD…water????; Young adults taking on “risky” actions to save on health care costs; Alcohol-free movement becoming… fashionable; Kumquat – the sweet-tart vitamin C superhero you’re not eating?; When yellow nails are normal – and when they’re not; Where to get flu shot; The one sound that will make you 30% more relaxed; A sexy plant-based burger Halloween costume (for you, Beth).


Women getting Botox to fix ‘resting b—h face’?; Luxury brands teaming up w/video games to find new digital audience (Louis Vuitton latest to get in on act); Facebook experimenting w/AI to help you dress better; Paris Hilton mourning loss of grandfather; Victoria’s Secret price hikes–premature?; The student who had 15 procedures to triple size of her lips; An updated version of J. Lo’s iconic Versace dress; A class action lawsuit against Farfetch; Amazon’s Fake Allbirds.


No more hawking miracle lollipops that suppress the appetite? Gummies that give you flat tummy? Protein shakes that keep you full for hourssssssss? Instagram cracks down on promotion of diet products promising miracle results; Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson sells millions of dollars of stock; Fitbit considers sale–interested, Google??; The man who ate the same thing for four years and dropped 145 pounds; A guide to artificial sweeteners: the next generation.

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