Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - September 25, 2019

Consumer/Personal Finance

He wanted to live forever! Be king of the world! First trillionaire! Oh-so-controversial WeWork CEO Adam Neumann, who had majority voting rights and power to fire the board, finally steps down…IPO now looks doubtful and rumors of potential layoffs that could affect as many as 5000 people; Los Angeles businessman gets four months for shelling out $250,000 so son could attend USC as water polo recruit; Vox Media acquires New York magazine; McDonald’s enlists Alexa and Google to help w/its hiring–presumably before AI automates the job you’re applying for?; Amazon paying Fleabag creator tens of millions of dollars for three-year deal; Hallmark releasing 40 new Christmas movies this year; Emirates Airlines creating first-class bar that’s covered in 500,00 crystals?; National Lobster Day; ‘Beercations’.

Health & Wellness

Do you come from a land Down Under? Are you six-foot-four and full of muscles? Smile and give me a vegemite sandwich! New data says that Australian men live longer than guys in any other country, w/average life expectancy of 74.1 (It’s 71.57 in U.S., Gordon, since I know you’re going to wonder.); Walmart adding bunch of new health and wellness degrees to its college perks program; Disney massively expanding selection of plant-based food items at its U.S. parks; Arthritis group offering guidelines for patients who use CBD for joint pain; Hot flashes – much more than just sweaty sign of menopause?; A heart condition brought on by too much wasabi; Another EEE death.


Canceled deliveries! Lousy customer service! Wrong dress! Wrong size! Hundreds of Rent the Runway customers take complaints to social media…company blames problems – which we’ve all had going back several years now – on new warehouse system?; Marshalls launches first online store w/discounted Christian Louboutin, Fendi, and other designers (good stuff selling out quickly–just checked); Sephora teams up w/Sakara Life to expand ingestible beauty assortment (powders that boost metabolism, water-enhancing drops that give you dewy skin, etc. etc. etc.); Allbirds calls out Amazon over knockoff shoes and lack of sustainable practices; Gucci gives fake eyelashes new, creepier purpose.


If you’re gonna snack, go nuts! Handful/day may stave off gradual weight gain; Nike shares hit all-time high as new products drive sales, earnings top expectations; Demi Moore details long hours in gym and restrictive eating habits in new memoir, Inside Out; Alexa-powered wireless earbuds w/built-in fitness tracking – first look today at Amazon’s annual product launch?; A new ‘report card’ on the American diet (not an ‘F’, but we’re not exactly making the grade); The Hövding inflatable bike helmet; Subway’s new sliders – nutrition and calories.

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