Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - October 1, 2019

Consumer/Personal Finance

From first to worst?; WeWork officially yanks plans to go public; Amazon in talks to bring its cashierless GO technology to airports, movie theaters; Top hard seltzers White Claw and Truly lose out in country’s first seltzer competition?; Investors preparing for deluge of quarterly earnings reports in coming weeks; Bed Bath & Beyond adding experiences to wedding registries (and yeah, getting new CEO, too); Apple credit card and consumer banking giving Goldman Sachs trouble?; How much money billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban has in Amazon stock; When living for the weekend becomes sign of job burnout; Why quiet is the new loud in American restaurants; A rare Lamborghini Veneno that just sold for $8.27 million; An updated Delta SkyMiles card (some good changes; some not); The most popular Halloween candy in every state.

Health & Wellness

No need to cut back on red meat? Not so bad for you after all? Controversial new “guidelines” lead to outrage; American Eagle introduces ‘Mood’ CBD wellness line today; Ritz-Carlton, Tyson’s Corner looks to transform your room into sleep sanctuary (just launched Longeva’s Sleep Ritual program); Autumn…anxiety?; What you need to know about all the different types of protein; Why traveling makes you constipated (and how to get regular again); Vegan gummies made w/apple cider vinegar; Vans’ Breast Cancer Awareness collection.


You can now buy J.Lo’s iconic Versace dress!! And it’s just $9,325! Get it now while supplies last!!!; Social media buzzing over Forever 21’s bankruptcy as mega mall owners weighing options; Private equity deals slowing down in beauty (43 w/in market so far this year, down from peak 101 deals in 2015); Pokémon fashion pop-up store coming to New York (this weekend); When being too attractive at work can work against you; What to wear when in a funk (so maybe not every outfit needs to bring you joy, Josephine?); The newest company aiming to change men’s grooming industry once and for all; A woman who found rare $250,000 Rolex beneath cushions of couch she bought for $25 at thrift store.


Amy Schumer jokes about her own post-baby weight loss (down about 10 pounds) in comparison to Jessica Simpson, who dropped 100 – and made it look so easy! – on The Body Reset Diet; Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announces return to wrestling; Seattle among top cities for vegetarians and vegans; Hormone diets all the rage, but do they actually work?; The Latina entrepreneurs who are leading movement to make traditional Hispanic food healthier; A contemplation of the 10 pm dinner time (way too late!); Best compression socks of 2019.

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