Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - October 2, 2019

Consumer/Personal Finance

Could Airbnb change story for unicorns…in 2020? Company lays groundwork for direct listing rather than IPO; Bank fees around U.S. climb to record highs ($4.72 to w/draw cash from out-of-network ATM); GoPro launches two new cameras (trying to become profitable this year); Vice Media closing in on Refinery29 acquisition; Online broker wars heating up; Zuckerberg misunderstanding huge threat of TikTok?; The new tropical escape in the Maldives reachable only by speedboat; A cookie-themed Hilton hotel suite that comes w/ton of free cookies; Hard seltzer advent calendars.

Health & Wellness

Chipotle CEO says ‘plant-based foods that look and taste like meat’ won’t be long-term trend??; Coca-Cola announces plan to launch Coke-branded energy drink in U.S. (Monster wars in works!); Uber adds ‘allergy-friendly filters’ to apps; People who live on coast – happier than those who don’t? Less likely to show signs of mental health disorders?; The top five wellness trends, from cupping to IV drips; Casper’s new CBD gummies to help you sleep…when a mattress won’t.


Designers creating jewelry specifically for the face? Fashion is paying attention!; Catwalk prankster crashes Chanel Paris show; Adam Levine’s new cornrow mohawk sparks outrage on Twitter; Cactus facial – as painful as it sounds?; What makeup primer actually does (and whether we need it); How Brooke Shields is handling aging process; A pop-up museum celebrating sneaker culture (opening in LA in late October); The mysterious skin condition plaguing a local news anchor; Glitter Pumpkin Butts.


Puma announces new fall collection w/Rubik’s Cube???; Millions of women cutting out entire food groups to improve appearance; Healthy grab-n-go options – from “fast” fungi to collagen oats – becoming more and more popular; Many plant-based milks – not as nutritious as dairy? Too much added sugar? Artificial ingredients?; Why intense workouts can lead to both muscle and mind fatigue (Hi, Dr. Glatter!); What’s it’s like to exercise w/Peloton’s app; The ‘Labor-Inducer’ burger that’s attracting ‘influx of pregnant women’…

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