Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - October 8, 2019

Consumer/Personal Finance

No more creeping on one another! Instagram cuts “Following” tab; Amazon announces its first-ever Kindle for kids; GE defaults on its pension promises; Group Nine acquires PopSugar; Every major analyst loves money-losing SmileDirectClub? Thoughts, Charles Schwab?; The startup behind the viral whisky pods that you keep hearing about; A St. Louis bar that charges by the hour rather than by the drink??; Nestlé Toll House Pinch of Grinch holiday cookies; York Peppermint Patty Hot Chocolate.

Health & Wellness

Flu season is here and it’s expected to be an “ominous” one, so, like, now’s the time to get your shot?; Impossible Foods CEO says rival plant-based meat products ‘suck’; Alex Trebek prepares for final days (“I’ve lived a good life.”); 7 minutes/day of meditation – enough to stop people from behaving like…jerks?; What to give up to increase your happiness (and success); How pets improve our health; The biggest wellness trends for 2020; An extremely “anxious” Lori Loughlin; A new Slim Jim you’re going to want to try…or not?


Millennials bringing back the mustache?; Botox bars raising concerns among medical experts (“Things can happen.”); Victoria’s Secret turning to UK’s Bluebella in brand…refresh; Fashion collaborations – actually making restaurants money?; Where to get Converse’s Space Cowgirl Chuck Taylor high tops (perfect for you, Michelle); How Gwen Stefani makes 50 look 30; An official “partnership” between Burberry and TheRealReal (further evidence that luxury brands warming up to resale); The best beauty hacks to beat hangovers.


Mentally ‘Fit’ to tie the knot???? Former Cross Fit co-founder Lauren Jennai moves forward w/marrying accused murderer Franklin Tyrone Tucker; Garmin announces Star Wars and Frozen 2 fitness trackers for kids; Elizabeth Hurley’s workout routine involves…chainsaws?; How a cardiologist lowered his cholesterol by changing his diet (dropped bad levels by 29%!); When ‘clean eating’ becomes unhealthy obsession; A self-made millionaire who says key to success is eating only fruit until noon; The “diet face” dilemma (rapid weight loss = premature aging).

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