Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - October 9, 2019

Consumer/Personal Finance

Snowstorm expected to wallop central USA this week, plunging temps as much as 60 one day?!; New York businessman, wife each get month in jail in college admissions scam; Robinhood gives banking another shot; Toys ‘R’ Us debuts new website, but you’re really buying from Target?; PG&E shutting off power for > 800,000 customers in California to reduce wildfire risk; Bidding wars taking strange turn in fall housing market; WeWork reportedly seeking $4 billion lifeline; Teens shopping…differently; Matt Lauer making “comeback” of sorts – on his daughter’s TikTok page?; Ryan Reynolds’ gin, now in candy form (for you, Hew); Krispy Kreme’s new Halloween-themed donuts (for you, Ellsworth).

Health & Wellness

Is “Fortnite” as addictive as cocaine? Parents sue maker of the video game; Health officials raising alarm about rise in STDs across U.S. (Farmers, take note); Millennials bringing mental health to forefront in workplace; Drinking collagen – health benefits, yes, but don’t put it in your coffee?; Why so many M.B.A.s are turning to yoga and pilates for work and well-being; What the longest-living people in world have in common; The strongest Starbucks drinks that will actually keep you awake, ranked; A huge, angry backlash against fake meat.


Japanese beauty company Shiseido buys “clean” skincare brand Drunk Elephant — for $845 million?!! Founder Tiffany Masterson expected to stay on, assume new role, and pocket about $120 million when deal closes at end of year; Fashion designer Tory Burch offering $10,000 reward for her missing miniature poodle; Rent the Runway renting to new customers again; Allbirds’ new waterproof Mizzle Runner – its best sneaker yet?; How Hermès recreated one of its best-known silk scarf patterns on a new watch dial; What difference is between esthetician and dermatologist; Louis Vuitton’s tiny monogram trunk AirPod case.


Are you giving yourself ‘metabolic jet lag’? In other words…are your weekend eating habits (late brunches, midnight dinners) causing weight gain?; New study shows regular exercise good for your heart, no matter how old you are; Postworkout protein shakes – not necessarily best recovery strategy?; Why Steve Jobs’ all-fruit diet didn’t go that well for Ashton Kutcher; How Tom Brady trains to stay in shape during NFL season; Adidas’ first size-inclusive collection (w/Universal Standard)…and its first post-masectomy sports bra (w/Stella McCartney).

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