Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - October 30, 2019

Consumer/Personal Finance

The reviews for Apple’s $15-million-per episode “The Morning Show” are in, and they’re not exactly good; Amazon makes two-hour grocery delivery free for all Prime members; Samsung teases new foldable ‘clamshell’ phone; Lyft tries again w/monthly memberships; Starbucks ghosts on its Halloween drinks; ‘Minternship’ – to fix your mid-career woes?; Fewer Americans giving money to charity; Younger people camping, camping, camping; Fiat Chrysler once again looking to get…hitched; What the Uber Eats delivery drone looks like; Why the Getty Museum’s art pieces don’t need to be evacuated during wildfires; An abysmal zero-star review for New York institution Peter Luger; A record $143.7 billion (projected) in online spending this holiday season; The controversial alphabet song remix; Hershey’s Kisses…cereal.

Health & Wellness

An avocado a day keeps “bad cholesterol” at bay?; More pregnant women using weed for morning sickness; Working Americans getting less sleep (esp. those who save our lives); Silicon Valley retailers running out of black turtlenecks because so many people going as disgraced tech founder Elizabeth Holmes for Halloween?; When best time of day to take your blood pressure medication; Why flying makes you so tired; The ancient practice (ear seeding) wellness pros are buzzing about; A butchered Beyond Meat (post lockup expiration); Your guide to healthy seafood choices.


Just ahead of Movember, the popular health initiative that encourages men to let their mustaches grow all month for charity, razor brand Billie launches campaign for women to do the same?; Brands capitalizing on popularity of eyelash extensions; H&M collaborating w/Jonathan Adler; Jeff Bezos’s $260 swim trunks – hottest menswear item?; The models who were ‘banned indefinitely’ for World Series flashing from behind home plate; A surprisingly pretty Mattel (Thanks, Barbie dolls!).


Bye, bye, boutique gym membership? Fitness brands like Mirror, FightCamp, and Peloton banking on it; Lululemon trying to boost awareness w/in men’s category (where CEO sees big opportunities); Adele becoming gym rat; How eating before bed impacts weight and overall health; What your body is telling you if can’t do a push-up; The Nepalese man who just shattered record for scaling world’s highest peaks.

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