Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - October 31, 2019

Consumer/Personal Finance

Every single JetBlue flight is just $31 today??; Hurricane-force winds continue to stoke Southern California wildfires; Washington Nationals win first World Series title in franchise history; Apple laying groundwork for iPhone subscription; Gatwick testing faster ways to get people onto planes; Molson Coors changing name, laying off 500 workers; Olivia Newton-John’s electrifying Grease finale outfit hitting auction block – could fetch $260,000?; An onslaught of rain, snow, and cold in the forecast for many Trick-or-Treaters; The end of Daylight Saving Time (this weekend).

Health & Wellness

Rather die than spend later years in nursing home? You’re not alone!; Alex Trebek working hard to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer he’s battling; Evidence growing that lifestyle changes – diet, exercise, brain training – improves cognition in people at risk for Alzheimer’s; Key to happiness – only care about yourself? Narcissists, what say, you…you…you?; Why alternative nut butters are so much more expensive than peanut butter; What percussion therapy is and whether it may be right for you; The superfood spice that’ll help you fight inflammation (and bland food) – for good; A start-up working to make medical billing…easier; Seven types of dairy and non-dairy milks, tested and ranked.


Going once, going twice…Marc Jacobs auctioning off more than 150 works of art before moving into new Frank Lloyd Wright home; Barneys creditors still holding out hope underdog bidder going to keep luxury retailer’s doors open (hearing today); Stitch Fix diving deep into data for more tailored experience; Your next great investment – hanging right over your shoulder?; Why digital darlings AllBirds, ThirdLove and Harry’s like brick-and-mortar retail; How often you should wash your jeans; A look at 17 of the most iconic LVMH brands.


Want to get more out of your workouts? Drop the F-bomb!; Restaurants and chefs saying “no” to special dietary requests; Calorie counts on menus not having much of impact; Naomi Campbell crushing it at gym – deadlifting 105 pounds like it’s no big deal?; What 150 calories of Halloween candy actually looks like; Why soda is so….addictive; A review of Beachbody’s newest program (Morning Meltdown 100); The Rock’s latest cheat day meal — three pints of ice cream and a stack of pancakes smothered w/peanut butter and syrup?

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