Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - November 4, 2019

Consumer/Personal Finance

Dow – could soon set new high?; McDonald’s fires CEO over consensual relationship w/employee; Olivia Newton-John’s Grease ensemble sells for $405,700 (more than double auction estimate); Berkshire Hathaway’s cash pile soars to $128 billion w/Warren Buffett yet to make big acquisition; Krispy Kreme orders student to halt his doughnut resale service; Airbnb bans ‘party houses’; Hard coffee – next big drink trend?; 7-year car loans hitting Americans in their wallet; ‘Ghosting’ rising in workplace; How the Toys ‘R’ Us re-launch is giving families something they can’t buy on Amazon; Why Elon Musk says taking ‘vacations will kill you’; The most elegant Christmas wreaths you can buy online; A super-successful Joker (will probably top $1 billion at worldwide box office); Sugar Cookie…milk.

Health & Wellness

End of daylight saving time and beginning of darker, shorter days = seasonal blues?; Molly Sims adding investor to resume by joining forces w/largest female-founded CBD wellness brand, Sagely Naturals; Google Health finally opening up about its plans (all about search); Researchers paying people $3,000 to be infected w/flu – enough to entice you?; Why time spent near water (especially the sea) is secret of happiness; How high-intensity exercise boosts memory in seniors; The crazy amount of added sugar Americans consume daily.


After a big drop, is Ulta Beauty alluring again?; Red-carpet favorite Zac Posen shutting down namesake label; New Dressbarn owners planning 2020 brand relaunch – as e-commerce site; Anna Wintour aging…fashionably (just turned 70); Queen Elizabeth only gets makeup professionally done once/year?; A woman suing waiter at country club for spilling red wine on her $30,000 Hermès handbag; An Arizona couple who allegedly ran shoplifting ring, selling stolen beauty items online (made $2.7 million); The expected closure of all Barneys department stores.


Fuzzy math, Under Armour?; MIRROR adds another $34 million in funding from marquee investors (including Lululemon, as a minority owner) to bring fitness into your home; Experts warn yoga teachers could be ‘risking serious hip problems’; Wearable tech named top fitness and health trend for 2020; South Beach’s most popular gym – on the sand?; Why Google buying Fitbit (and how much money founders of Fitbit will get from acquisition); What you should know before trying juicing for weight loss; A rare, but potentially deadly condition triggered by a workout; The winners of the New York City Marathon.

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