Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - November 7, 2019

Consumer/Personal Finance

Jeopardy! James” is back! Holzhauer dominates in Tournament of Champions–see him last night, Sheila?; Papa John sells $107.5 million slice of his Papa John’s stock (just as turnaround efforts appear to be marinating); Uber shares sink to new low as ‘lockup’ period expires; Alaska Airlines offering priority boarding to passengers who are holding Starbucks’ holiday-themed coffee cups (today through Sunday); Kroger rebranding w/new logo and slogan; Armenian wines starting to attract attention of wine connoisseurs?; What to know if considering relationship w/co-worker (like, not the best idea); How glitch in stock trading app Robinhood allowed one trader to turn $3000 into $1.7 million; An 8-person Thanksgiving dinner for just $90 (compliments of Costco); A seasonal food-flavored chip feast (compliments of Pringles); America’s best oysters.

Health & Wellness

Giving your time, rather than your money, may help you live longer?; Doctors try CRISPR gene editing for cancer, a 1st in U.S.; Teen Jeopardy! champ donates $10,000 to cancer research in Alex Trebek’s honor; Jamie Lee Curtis celebrates 20 years of sobriety; Insomnia in adults linked to heart attack…and stroke?; A look at some of the best luxury wellness escapes you’ll want to book in 2020; The Impossible Burger of ice cream.


Stop thief! Twelve handbags, worth about $26,000, swiped from Jimmy Choo store in New York City; Birchbox expands its pharmacy footprint w/launch of 500 holiday pop-ups in Walgreens stores; Vince diversifies its contemporary portfolio w/acquisition of both Rebecca Taylor and Parker; TheRealReal’s stock slumps after report on negative customer reviews; Prada joins forces w/Adidas for sneaker collaboration; A new app called Wardrobe that lets you rent clothing straight from celebs’ closets; The CEO who went from finance to clean beauty; UGG‘s more affordable sister line; Streetwear Barbies.


Oprah’s big 2020 tour for Weight Watchers International going to pull some…weight? Investors ignoring potentially lucrative 9-city event, focusing instead on company’s near-term financials (Q3-big fat miss); Panera going to start using augmented reality to let customers see nutrition facts; Amazon testing workout tracking in Echo Buds earbuds; ClassPass turning to corporate wellness for growth; Only children – more likely to be obese?; What binge eating is, how it differs from overeating, and how to prevent it (as explained by experts); Why Under Armour’s plummeting sneaker sales oh-so-worrisome; The shoe that can cut injury rates in athletes by over 50%; A thinner-looking Andy Cohen (down 12 since cutting back on alcohol 3 months ago).

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