Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - November 14, 2019

Consumer/Personal Finance

James Holzhauer-Emma Boettcher Jeopardy! rematch is on! The two meet today and tomorrow in the Tournament of Champions final; Disney+ surpasses 10 million sign-ups since launch; Bidding wars for homes hit decade low; Consumer debt hits record high ($14 trillion); People love Trader Joe’s so much, there are now professional Trader Joe’s influencers?; Google moving into banking, offering checking accounts next year; More young people dipping into their 401(k)s; Thanksgiving getting more expensive?; A viral $75 Costco coupon that is…fake; An online calculator that adds up ‘true’ cost of your streaming services; The world’s largest Starbucks (opening tomorrow in Chicago); Hotella Nutella.

Health & Wellness

‘Meat’ made from ‘air‘? It’s the latest protein replacement? Huhhh?; Apple Heart study showing lots of promise for digital health; Quiznos testing plant-based corned beef sandwich; Mars launching vegan ‘milk chocolate’ bar; Adding trace minerals to drinking water – latest ‘healthy’ fad you can skip?; What happens to your brain (and body) when stressed about money; Why self-gifting helps us…flourish; The best meditation retreats in the world; OUAI’s new bath bombs (aka Chill Pills).



Prince Charles getting into fashion business?; Estée Lauder’s great-granddaughter introduces first makeup collection; Tom Ford slashes $27 million off price of his 22,000-acre New Mexico ranch; Cam Newton places his stamp on new fashion accessory; Visible G-string officially making comeback?; How ‘VSCO girls’ are killing makeup sales, and reshaping beauty industry; Why brands “cold-pressing” their skincare products now; A rapidly-growing men’s makeup market; The rise and fall of Gap; Oreo sweaters.


Nike cuts ties w/Amazon, ends pilot program…will other brands follow suit?; New analysis finds nearly all toddlers, and majority of babies, consuming too much added sugar; Peloton going to sell cheaper treadmill and new rowing machine in 2020; Weed workouts coming to gym near you?; What the ProLon diet is all about and whether it works; Why stress eating happens, and how to stop it; The man who lost all of his airline miles for sneaking ‘fat cat’ on flight; A dietitian’s guide to the healthiest fast food options at 14 of America’s favorite chain restaurants; Vibrating sneakers.

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