Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - November 20, 2019

Consumer/Personal Finance

Are you driving one of America’s most stolen cars?; PG&E shutting off power today (about 150,000 customers will be affected); Warby Parker launching new brand, Scout, to sell contact lenses; Apple continuing to see strong iPhone 11 sales (stock hit all-time high yesterday); Herman Miller developing ergonomic chair for gamers; Why you should think twice about plugging into public USB power stations (especially before heading out to travel this holiday season); What teens want for Christmas (AirPods! Nike! Louis Vuitton!); The return of Marissa Mayer (back w/new startup focusing on artificial intelligence); A retail wreck on Wall Street; Candy Lane Milk Chocolate Edition; Eggo Waffle..cereal.

Health & Wellness

What are the symptoms of anal cancer? Disease on the rise in the U.S.; Former Casper execs launching celebrity-backed wellness company for..pets; New study showing Americans aren’t just sleeping less–they’re also sleeping worse?; A taste-test of the Cosmic Crisp, Washington state’s star-studded ‘apple of the future’; The ranch retreat that promises ‘endless meditation and Montana mountain views.’


Going bald? Blame it on genetics or…wait–air pollution?; Princess Diana’s unforgettable blue velvet gown going up for auction (expected to fetch about $450,000); Lebanese pop star hoping Botched doctors can get him 5th nose job; Jennifer Lopez partnering w/Coach; People using baking soda as “natural” shampoo, but does it work?; The futuristic dress that has The Voice fans comparing Kelly Clarkson to Jane Jetson; A new stylish ski wear collection from…Goop.

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