Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - November 27, 2019

Consumer/Personal Finance

Hurricane-force winds, blizzard conditions, heavy snowfall – and a ‘bomb cyclone’ on the west coast? These are the dire predictions of weather forecasters, who are warning Thanksgiving travelers to be cautious and prepare for delays; Toys ‘R’ Us back in business w/first store (opens today); Holiday decorations –  elite’s new competitive sport?; Real estate associations cracking down on private listings; Twitter going to remove inactive accounts and free up handles; Shopping while driving – the dangerous holiday trend of 2019?; How you can watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving this year; Why Macy’s cares about the weather when other retailers don’t; Which stores are open on Thanksgiving, and when; The latest Italian town selling homes for $1; “A Candle for Day Drinking”

Health & Wellness

For your heart, eat fish or…take pills? Now there’s a drug equal to 8 salmon servings?!; Impossible Foods eyes doubling valuation w/new funding; Best Buy makes inroads w/health offerings (now serving 1 million seniors); Ketamine may treat harmful drinking behavior by ‘rewriting drinking memories’??? Huh???; Why U.S. life expectancy still on the decline; How to use avocados to make your favorite desserts healthier (For you, Josephine); The best plant-based meal delivery kits; A growing market for pea protein; Health benefits of chia seed…water.


Remember when we wrote about that pair of Nike “Moon Shoes” that sold for about half a million last year? Now a second set is up for sale – how much they gonna go for?; Versace suing Fashion Nova over copycat version of Jennifer Lopez’s iconic jungle-print gown; Gucci opening restaurant on Rodeo Drive (Spring 2020); Stutterheim now making luxury raincoats for dogs; Pili oil – new superfood for skin that deeply nourishes and protects?; Hollywood’s $1000 facial that involves as many as 100 ingredients.


How many calories are in that Thanksgiving meal? 3,000’ish??? And what does it take to burn it off? Gyms even open tomorrow???; SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan resigns w/no explanation for leadership change; Bethany Frankel shares ‘philosophy on eating and exercise’ (no ‘torturous’ workouts or dieting); Pickleball – next Fountain of Youth, Rosie?; The top workout trends and products for 2020; A mint that can (apparently) help you give up sugar.

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