Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - December 31, 2019

Consumer/Personal Finance

All the billionaires on St. Barths this holiday season or what?; Murder Mystery tops Netflix’s most-popular titles of 2019; Online dating kicks into high gear (good news for Sharon Stone); Tesla rally hits brakes; Chrissy Teigen producing documentary about French fries; Hershey’s retiring iconic Kissmobile; The 17 best champagnes and sparkling wines to uncork tonight; A meal-like Bloody Mary for the morning after….


Non-pregnant women turning to prenatal vitamins for beauty perks – is this even safe?; Tallulah Willis launching vintage-inspired clothing line w/streetwear designer; Elizabeth and James settling into its new home at Kohl’s; Rachel looking to change how consumers shop for hosiery; Botox brow lift – Hollywood’s best-kept secret?; A new self-help book from 71-year old fashion model Maye Musk (out today); The insanely expensive Rolex worn by international soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo.


Got Milk? Better make it whole! Study finds children who drink the heavy stuff less likely to be overweight or obese; Kentucky sisters open up about weight loss journey ahead of new series, 1000-Lb Sisters (premieres New Year’s Day); Brooke Shields wows fans w/gravity-defying ab workout; Vibrating foam roller – more effective than regular foam roller?; How to eat better, master your nutrition and, ahem – learn to love exercise (not just suffer through it) in 2020; What the best probiotics are (types, sources, etc.); Everything you need to know about Blue Apron’s new Weight Watchers meal plan.

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