Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - January 2, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

After a stellar 2019 on Wall Street, what’s ahead? Reckoning in January? Drop at least 15% in early part of 2020?; UPS expects to ship record 1.9 million gifts and other items back to U.S. retailers today (National Returns Day); Qantas ranks safest airline in world for 7th year in row; Jeff Bezos holds top spot as world’s richest; Analysts see prices at pump holding steady — $3 gas becoming distant memory?; What’s coming to Netflix this month (and what’s leaving); Where Americans going for jobs and decent salaries; Häagen-Dazs Rosé & Cream (newest addition to its Spirits Collection); Tiramisu Oreos.

Health & Wellness

Doing Dry January again this year, John? Ed? Some of country’s largest beer companies promoting it as more Americans jump on non-alcoholic beverage bandwagon; Drug makers raising prices on a bunch of different drugs; Amazon selling bogus ‘cancer cure’ books; Beyond Meat stock – worth $25 or…$250?; How to feed your brain to combat stress; Why you get winded walking up stairs; The most technical, out-there wellness trends of 2020; A new line of plant-based ice cream; Smoked salmon-infused…gin?


Prince fans can now dress like it’s 1999?; Virtual version of Barneys opens for business on; Diesel becomes latest fashion label to get into real estate; Burberry drops only AirPods case you need; Scalp massagers – actually work?; How department stores lost their clout in beauty industry to Ulta, e-commerce and influencers; What you need to know about Botox lip flips; The best facial sunscreens for 2020.


You get healthy! You get healthy! Everyyyyboddddy gets healthy!!! Oprah kicks off 9-city wellness tour this week (first stop: Fort Lauderdale); Court rules ‘diet’ soda doesn’t have to lead to weight loss; Miller launches campaign that targets calorie-concerned non-drinkers; Nike develops all-new fabric for its yoga collection; What science says about best way to eat (and what we’re still figuring out); When adding more protein to your diet may/may not make sense; Your no B.S. guide to losing weight this year because diet pills…”tea-toxes”…and appetite suppressant products are no quick fix

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