Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - January 9, 2020

Health & Wellness

Gen X women sleeping less than any other generation…what’s keeping them up?; Accolade, which helps employees navigate health benefits, preparing for 2020 IPO; Kroger launching private-label vegan beef; Justin Bieber battling Lyme disease; E-scooter injuries – latest ‘urban health scare’?; A warning about risks of cannabis edibles (delayed psychoactive effects, overdosing); An essential mineral you’re probably not getting enough; The largest-ever single-year drop in U.S. cancer death rate.


Amazon launching new luxury fashion platform?; Sephora embarking on largest CBD skincare launch yet w/Saint Jane (in stores tomorrow); Allbirds seeking fresh capital to boost its sustainability credentials; Fashion brands flocking to TikTok to reach Gen Z audience; Celebrities embracing gray hair


Healthy cooking programs – good influence on kids’ eating habits?; ClassPass raises $285 million, joins unicorn club; Valerie Bertinelli opens up about ‘using food as a numbing agent’ to avoid sadness; Britney Spears declares yoga w/tennis shoes a ‘new thing’ for 2020; ‘Dessert stomach‘ – fer real?; Why you might want to crank up the tunes while working out (makes exercise more effective); What your body is trying to tell you if you can’t do squats; A new connected treadmill from companies you’ve never heard of; The diet Adele used to lose all that weight.

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