Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - January 29, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Apple delivers ‘blowout results’ – how much further can shares climb?; Powerful 7.7 earthquake strikes in Caribbean, prompts evacuations in Miami; Ticket prices skyrocket for first Lakers game since Kobe Bryant’s death; Facebook makes it easier to protect your privacy – we believe it???; Hershey running its first Super Bowl ad in more than a decade; Airbnb offering five people a two-month ‘sabbatical’ in Bahamas; Customers noticing empty shelves at Whole Foods; The arrival of Justin Bieber’s new album (on Valentine’s Day); The return of Krispy Kreme conversation hearts donuts (through Valentine’s Day).

Health & Wellness

Study finds single dose of ‘magic mushroom’ drug reduces anxiety and depression in cancer patients–for years??; Ben & Jerry’s rolling out new non-dairy flavors made w/sunflower butter; Plant-based creamers making splash in coffees everywhere; The rising number of confirmed coronavirus cases in mainland China (now 5,974 versus 5,327 during 2003 SARS outbreak), and growing death toll (at least 132).


French billionaire Bernard Arnault’s net worth rises by $2.9 billion after his luxury goods company, LVMH, reports record revenues for 2019; Antiques Roadshow guest collapses when he learns current value of Rolex he bought decades ago (for $345); Pinterest launches virtual makeup ‘Try on’ feature, starting w/lipstick; A new “it couple” in the fashion world (proving you’re never too old to try something new); The woman who built a clean beauty brand before it was trendy.


Love beer? Hate working out? Jimmy Fallon hopes to inspire you in his new Super Bowl ad for Michelob Ultra; Randy Jackson reveals ‘drastic measures’ he took to lose – and keep off – 114 pounds; Walmart introduces gym memberships for workers and their families (just $9 per paycheck); The Vitamin Shoppe opens locations in LA Fitness gyms.

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