Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - February 3, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

‘Super Bowl Fever’: More than 17 million employees expected to take day off today; U.S. implements strict travel restrictions in effort to contain coronavirus oubreak; Apple temporarily closes all offices and stores in China as coronavirus spreads; Bernie Ebbers, ex-CEO convicted in WorldCom scandal, passes away at age 78; China’s stocks – nosedive?; Fidelity now letting investors trade fractional shares of individual stocks and ETFs; Dunkin’ now selling $2 lattes (all month long); Spring coming…early? Without a shadow of a…doubt?; A members-only site that lets women rent vacation homes from other women; The country’s first human-powered ski resort; Cozy northeast hotels that will make you want to get snowed in.

Health & Wellness

Amid coronavirus panic, doctors reminding public that flu is deadlier, more widespread, much bigger threat to U.S. health right now…already killed 10,000, including 68 children; Pet owners embracing CBD, cannabis remedies to treat their ailing animals; Sports drinks fighting for growth; Shares of One Medical – going to continue to rise??; A complete guide to fats – from the ones you should be eating more of to the ones to avoid; The tastiest plant-based ice creams; Coke Energy; Wellness Barbie.


Any interest in going to Fashion Week? Insiders upset that tickets available for every Tom, Dick and Harry; Moda Operandi rings up $100 million for luxury fashion platform; Forever 21 enters deal to sell for $81 million; Harrods completes year-long beauty hall revamp; Victoria Beckham develops ‘pronounced lisp’ after spending £30,000 on new set of teeth???; An arrest (or two or three) in connection w/‘multi-million dollar’ burglary at F1 heiress’ house; The new kind of store Macy’s is reportedly going to test; Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mohmes’ guilty pleasure.


Tunes for training: high-tempo music may make your workouts easier…and more effective? Think along the lines of Eminem’s Lose Yourself?; Chris Hemsworth taking intermittent fasting to next level for new National Geographic TV show, Limitless; Kate Hudson launching Fabletics Men; Traditional gyms feeling the burn – too much competition from budget chains and luxury boutiques??; The fitness routines Shakira and J-Lo adhered to in preparation for their Super Bowl performance (which many are saying was ‘best halftime show’ ever); A new World Record for largest…candy bar.

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