Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - February 4, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Are consumers at risk of catching the coronavirus via packages or mail from China? Asking for a friend…; Tesla soars to record $780/share (company’s biggest bull stampedes to $7,000 price target); Exxon Mobil’s stock drops to record low – time to selllllllll?; Jeff Bezos shopping for love nest in LA (maybe this is…“The One”); Coronavirus clobbering oil prices; Hamilton coming to movie theaters; BlackBerry disappearing once again?; A new report from Vice that highlights range of scams that unscrupulous Airbnb hosts have been pulling on their unsuspecting guests; The world’s best value attractions, and worst tourist trapsSuper Bowl LIV viewership (102 million).

Health & Wellness

Cutting back on meat? Could be good for your health, as yet even more research suggests; China reporting another major spike in both confirmed cases and deaths in region at heart of coronavirus epidemic; Insured adults seeking less primary care (out-of-pocket costs too $$); Organic grocery chain Earth Fare going out of business; An ineffective HIV vaccine (trial ends in ‘deep disappointment’); The new liver transplant rules (into effect today); World Cancer Day.


Heard of the low sulfur diet? New research shows limiting protein-rich foods that naturally contain high levels of sulfur amino acids may reduce risk of cardiovascular disease; Peloton, Flywheel settle legal disputes over fitness bike tech; Blood flow restriction – latest fad or fast-track to better fitness? What happens when you try to do 10,000 squats in 24 hours; Why rest days are just as important as exercising; A theory that explains why it’s so difficult to lose weight; The cyclist who rode 1,426 miles to meet his heart donor’s family.

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