Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - February 13, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Cruise ship that was turned away from multiple ports in Asia over coronavirus fears finally anchors off Cambodia; Jeff Bezos buys David Geffen’s Los Angeles mansion for record $165 million; Kohl’s eliminates jobs, restructures; Ponzi schemes hit 10-year high – next ‘investor massacre’ near?; Gerber searching for its 2020 ‘Spokesbaby’; 7-Eleven going all in on candy; Wine prices going down; Apple working on ‘AirPod Pro Lite’ earphones?; New iPhone coming in March??; A dating trend called ‘Valentighting’ that would ruin anyone’s Valentine’s Day; The Kansas man offering $25,000 to anyone who can find him a girlfriend.

Health & Wellness

China confirms 15,152 new coronavirus cases, 254 new deaths after applying different methodology as to how cases are categorized; Dirty Lemon, best known for its “conversational commerce” retail approach within beauty, wellness, and beverage circles, making mass retail push w/Walmart partnership; Kellogg’s Incogmeato launching vegan bratwurst and Italian sausage; Mushrooms becoming so popular that producers scrambling to keep up w/demand?; The 112-year old Japanese man who says smiling (and not golf?) is secret to longevity; An extremely rare, $200,000 piano that was mistakenly dropped…damaged beyond repair…and now likely resting comfortably in ‘piano heaven.’


KFC and Crocs team up to create limited edition fried chicken-print shoe…with chicken-scented drumstick charms?; Sports Illustrated Swimsuit reveals 2020 model search finalists; Online shopping – only good for dog food; not fashion!?; A new exhibition in New York City that explores impact of ballet and ballerinas on mid-century fashion; The $2,010 floral Louis Vuitton hoodie famous athletes can’t stop wearing; Everything a cosmetic dentist wishes you knew about your teeth; Oreo-flavored lip balm.


Unilever going to stop marketing food and beverages to kids in light of obesity epidemic; Nike dropping another pair of self-lacing sneakers on All-Star Weekend (this weekend); Magic Spoon, the “childlike cereal for grown-ups,” gaining traction; Why Maye Musk – a dietitian for 45 years – doesn’t believe in fad diets like keto or intermittent fasting; How to be OK w/weight gain when you start intuitive eating; A review of Whoop Strap 3.0, which tracks your workouts, sleep, recovery and more; The best cheap exercise bikes for your indoor workouts.

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