Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - February 19, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Is financial fallout from coronavirus short-term problem or longer-term trend? Investors wonder as weigh stark warning from tech giant Apple….; SpaceX teams up w/space tourism agency to sell rides aboard its spacecraft (as soon as next year); Bed Bath & Beyond looks to draw shoppers in w/remodeled stores, less clutter; General Mills’ plans to revive cereal sales include selling a box for $13??; Virgin Galactic shares getting nice boost from non-professional investors; Tesla still skyrocketing; HQ Trivia signaling it might return?; Blue Apron going up for sale?; A zoo experience w/a $1000 price tag; The Limited-Edition Convertible Tricycle from Bentley (for your granddaughter, Gordon?); McDonald’s pickle-and-beef scented candles; Piña Colada Fanta; Sprite Ginger.

Health & Wellness

Are magic mushrooms Silicon Valley’s next big bet?; Disney expanding vegan food options at its parks; Nestlé launching vegan tuna salad; Smelling your lover’s shirt – could improve your sleep??; What circadian entrainment is and how it can boost your wellness routine; Why sitting in salt cave may help w/modern ailments; An update on health of NASCAR driver, Ryan Newman.


You can now buy ‘stock’ in rare Hermès Birkin bags?; Drunk Elephant launching its first hair line w/Jennifer Aniston’s stylist; Instagram transforming how we buy engagement rings; TikTok teens shaving off their eyebrows?; A new fashion game that allows you to live like Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved cat, Choupette; The teenager warning against nail biting after infection almost led to amputation of fingertip; Drake’s new $620,000 casino watch, which features fully functional roulette wheel; Lizzo’s Hershey’s chocolate bar…dress.


DNA tests may soon reveal optimal diet for your body – down to variety of lettuce you should be eating?; Adidas, Puma warn of coronavirus hit to China business; Nike exercises management shake-up; Tom Brady trolls haters during workout w/Gisele – a little insecure, are we?; What Joe Rogan learned from eating carnivore diet for 30 days; How Harrison Ford (now 77!) stays so incredibly fit; A new study linking late bedtimes w/increased risk of obesity for kids; Overtraining symptoms: signs and symptoms.

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